Simulated marriages (or simulated legal cohabitations) are those which do not aim to create a lasting community of life but only to obtain a right of residence.


In the case of "white marriage", the two partners commit the crime in all lucidity, while in that of "gray marriage", one of the two is the perpetrator and the other the victim, it is a scam of feelings.


Finally, forced marriage is where a young girl is married against her will, under threat or with the aid of violence.


Few lawyers practice this matter and, asked to end such an unhappy union, lawyers will direct their clients to divorce proceedings. Mistake ! It is towards a procedure for annulment of marriage that it is advisable to orient oneself, which certainly requires more work, more preparation in the collection of evidence, but can lead to what this marriage never existed, even when children are born from this "union" ("baby-papers").


What to do for the one who realizes that he is the victim of a gray marriage?



1. The police complaint


The first thing is to file a complaint with the police. This can be done alone, without the intervention of your lawyer. However, Me Decortis can already provide you with the following "extras" at this stage:

  • Drafting of the complaint: collaboration is essential between Me Decortis and you because only you know the details of the behavior of the other which put you “on the alert”. Me Decortis will be able to help you see more clearly, to gather the evidence which could be decisive in the rest of the procedure, she will then write a precise and structured text which will allow the investigation to launch.

  • Specialized services: certain police zones have brigades specializing in gray marriage… As much as knocking directly on the right door!

  • Link with the Immigration Office: this must be done at the same time as filing the complaint. Not to be neglected so that sentimental scammers do not slip through the cracks!


From the start of the investigation, collaboration between the municipality, the police, the Aliens Office and the victim should be established.



2. Annulment of marriage


The second step is to cite the crook husband in annulment of marriage before the Civil Court.


Here, the intervention of the lawyer is essential, to draft the summons, to appear before the territorially competent court, to settle questions of private international law that may arise, etc. Me Decortis is specialized in this field.


The problem of gray marriages often comes up against the difficulty of proof. Keep all text messages, emails, recordings that could confirm your spouse's cheating, etc. A bailiff will be able to note this evidence in a report.



3. Criminal proceedings

Gray marriages (as well as white marriages) constitute an offense under criminal law! Even if this path is generally unknown and very little used, it does exist. Sentimental scammers were thus punished.


It is therefore possible to file a civil action in the hands of an examining magistrate against the one who abused your feelings. At the very least, such a condemnation will prevent further victims!