Recognition of paternity, contestation of paternity, adoption ... Filiation is a matter that carries a deep human dimension while being very technical as well.


Me Decortis will guide you through these complex procedures, while respecting your privacy.


Me Decortis processes parenthood files before all the French-speaking courts of Belgium.

She is fluent in English.



To adopt a child (child born in Belgium or born abroad), certain age conditions must be met. You can be married, as a couple or alone.


It is first necessary to follow a training given by the Central Community Authority. - Tel: 02 / 413.41.35


Then, it will be necessary to apply to the Family Court to have the adoption recognized. Me Decortis will help you with this legal phase.


Simple adoption? Full adoption? Me Decortis will guide you through the procedure, giving you an attentive ear and always taking into account the best interests of the child.

Me Decortis is fluent in English.