A human-sized firm truly at your service

The first contact with the firm of Maître Anne Decortis will be made by phone or using the contact form. An appointment will be fixed as soon as possible (generally within the week). She will listen to you explain your situation and then present you with the different possibilities available to you. A dialogue will be established to provide any useful clarification.

Transparency of fees

You will not be charged for the first consultation. From this first interview, the question of fees will be clarified. Maître Decortis will offer you, depending on the nature of the intervention, a package including all services or hourly pricing. You will receive a monthly invoice so that you do not have any bad surprises!

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Unlimited and protected access to your file

All of the firm's files are computerized. You will have access to it with a dropbox key if you wish. You will be able to check the progress of the current procedure, print a document or ask a question using the contact form.

Anne Decortis

- Law degree with honors (UCL) - 2002

- Bachelor in management (Solvay) - 1991

- Bachelor in Modern Chinese (Beijing Language Institute) - 1988

- Bachelor's degree in English and Spanish translation (University of Mons) - 1986